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Our lovely training spaces and consulting room are based in the Hampden Park area of Eastbourne, close to the local park, train station and major bus routes with ample free street parking. From Hampden Park railway station, the centre is a 3 minute taxi ride or a 15 minute walk.


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A lot of practical information – plenty of food for thought for me to take away.

Encouragement re motivation to take forward my ideas and make them a reality.

Thank you.


Su's a very warm and friendly person.

Enjoyed the group discussions as well as lots of relevant information.

Recommend the course!


  • Made me look at what I do currently
  • Very informative
  • I feel more positive, encouraged and enthusiastic
  • Liked the energy Su brings
  • Can recommend the workshop
  • I feel more sure of myself

Inspirational and motivational.

A necessary space to plan and reflect.

Thank you

Julia E

  • Let’s go for it and my business head-on
  • Focused on achieving a positive outcome
  • Valuing of self and service offered
  • Expanding,
  • Creative
  • Inspiring
Angie Nettle

How to Listen without being a Counsellor - 20th July 2019

Trainers: Su Orosa

A Workshop for Complimentary and Alternative therapists who find it hard not to slip into ‘counsellor’ mode.


A workshop for:

  • Massage therapists
  • Beauty therapists
  • Those using counselling skills as part of their job
  • Sports therapists
  • Healers


Do you often find yourself going over your allotted time with certain clients?

Do you find yourself assuming the role of counsellor with clients?

Would you like to discover ways of being assertive with clients?

Would you like to know how to listen without feeling drained?


At the workshop you will:

  •  Explore your job role
  • Look at boundaries
  • Learn how to protect your energy so that you don’t feel drained
  • Learn about assertiveness and your rights
  • Look at the difference between counselling and counselling skills
  • Practise listening skills
  • Create a plan of action


This will be a fun and creative day that will help you to re-evaluate how you work with your clients and how to look after yourselves when working.


Date: Saturday 20th July 2019
Fee: £70.00
Deposit on booking: £40.00


South Coast Wellbeing and Training
10, The Broadway
Hampden Park
BN22 0AS

Developing a Business Mindset – a workshop for qualified Counsellors - 27th July 2019

Trainers: Su Orosa

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your counselling practice in a safe and supportive space.

  • Does your practice feel a bit stuck?
  • Are you getting the clients you actually want to work with?
  • Could you be making more of an impact if you had more of a business mind-set?


At this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Attract the clients you would like to work with
  • Develop a marketing strategy to take your counselling practice to the next level
  • Have a more visible online presence without over-exposing yourself


Date: Saturday 27th July 2019
Fee: £70.00
Deposit on booking: £35.00


South Coast Wellbeing and Training
10, The Broadway
Hampden Park
BN22 0AS

Introduction to Mindfulness - 5th of October 2019

Trainers: Su Orosa and Graham Molyneux


This weekend will be largely experiential to enable participants in the workshop to develop an understanding of Mindfulness and to apply this to personal and therapeutic practice.

The workshop will also provide participants who are talking and physical therapists with Mindfulness knowledge and skills to apply to their own practices.

The weekend will focus on:

  • An Introduction to the meaning and features of mindfulness
  • The benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • Developing a mindfulness attitude
  • Different meditation techniques
  • The use of mindfulness in daily life
  • The use of mindfulness in personal change and growth


Date: Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th of October 2019
Fee: £140.00
Deposit on booking: £70.00


South Coast Wellbeing and Training
10, The Broadway
Hampden Park
BN22 0AS

Energy Awareness and Pure Channelling for Healers - 19th October 2019

Trainer: Nicola Russell


This one day workshop is for healers or people that wish to develop their awareness of their energetic and multidimensional self.

The information I will provide is directly from experience and intuition providing you guidance to find your own modality of healing, rather than from a prescribed methodology.

The first part of your journey will be visiting your energetic self. The connection to your energy bodies, within and without is important for your healing evolution. Manifestation techniques, using your energetic body, is also covered during this section.

The second part of the day focuses on your multidimensional self. Connection through your breath bridges the physical and energetic worlds. Letting go of the Ego mind allows you to let go of self -judgment. This workshop is surreal in its content and experience.

Having the understanding of your multidimensionality will be the foundation to the practical experience covered in this workshop.

  • The invisible energetic bodies, within and without
  • Clear, cleanse and release your energy
  • Using your energy to manifest
  • Connection with the physical and energetic self
  • The breath connection
  • Levels of multidimensional self
  • Disconnection of the Ego mind
  • Practical experience of meditation and breath
  • Practical experience of pure channelling


Date: Saturday 19th October 2019
Fee: £85.00
Deposit on booking: £40.00


South Coast Wellbeing and Training
10, The Broadway
Hampden Park
BN22 0AS

Nicola Russell
07919 191375

Psychodrama: Discovery and Change - 9th November 2019

Trainers: Su Orosa and Graham Molyneux


A core principle of psychodrama is that creatively and spontaneity are propelling forces in growth and change. Through a readiness to improvise and respond in the moment in the psychodrama process change can occur in situations that may be keeping the person stuck in negative and self-defeating ways of being.
By encouraging the person to address a problem or a relationship difficulty in a creative way, reacting spontaneously and based on impulse, they may begin to discover new solutions to problems in their lives and learn new ways of being.
In the psychodrama group, one member of the group will focus on particular a situation to explore. A variety of situations may be explored, for example, unfinished situations in the person’s life, changes the person may want in their themselves or in relationships, or preparations for future risk-taking.
The person exploring their situation uses other members of the group to role play significant parts of the themselves and through this process. This then can lead to a more general positive change in the persons sense of themselves.


Date: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November 2019
Fee: £140.00
Deposit on booking: £70.00


South Coast Wellbeing and Training
10, The Broadway
Hampden Park
BN22 0AS

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection – Helping to Heal Chronic Pain - Date TBC

Trainers: Su Orosa and Kelly Kavanagh


This workshop will look at how we can work with both the mind and the body to help us manage or heal chronic conditions. Much research has been done around how we can relate to our illnesses and medical conditions differently so that we don’t have to rely as much on medication. We will also explore the role of trauma and how our thinking and beliefs impact on keeping us stuck and identified with chronic illness.


This is for you if you’d like to learn how to:

  • Calm the nervous system down to kick-start the healing process
  • Communicate with your body and your condition so that the pain can shift and dissolve
  • See your body/condition as an energetic force which is helping you to hold on to challenging emotions or thoughts that may have been brought on by past trauma.
  • Change your thinking around how to live life differently


The day will be interactive, informative and no doubt challenging. It will demand that you begin looking at how you’ve perhaps been defining yourself through your condition. You must be ready to start releasing the shackles of whatever physical condition you’ve been experiencing to begin to live the life you thought was never possible.

Drawing from the work of: John Sarno, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Christanne Northrup, Candace Pert, and Babette Rothschild and looking at redefining our relationship to pain, we will explore some revolutionary ideas about illness, the development of chronic pain (the how and why) and how we need to start thinking and feeling differently to take control of our lives.


You will come away from the workshop with:

  • A renewed sense of enthusiasm for life
  • New techniques to manage your pain
  • Knowing that you are not your condition
  • Ready to start planning for your new pain-free life!


We understand that everybody’s pain is different, and that each day might be different. You may need to spend most of the time standing up or sitting down. Whatever the case is for you, we will endeavour to adapt the exercises and activities according to what will feel right for you to meet your physical needs.


Date: Date to be announced
Fee: £75.00
Deposit on booking: £40.00


South Coast Wellbeing and Training
10, The Broadway
Hampden Park
BN22 0AS


South Coast Wellbeing and Training are pleased to add this successful group facilitation skills training to their program of CPD for counsellors and psychotherapists.
The Certificate in Group Facilitation is an established training for those seeking to gain the skills and knowledge to work as a group facilitator in therapeutic and similar groups.

The course will introduce participants to:
• Setting up a group
• Preparing and planning for group work
• Aims and outcomes of group work
• Contracting for group work
• Group dynamics and group process
• The stages group from forming to ending and how to organise and manage groups through these stages
• The roles people take in groups
• Group facilitation skills
• Difficulties and dilemmas in group facilitation

The course will be a mix of group work theory and experiential work in relation to group facilitation.

The course trainers are Graham Molyneux and Sue Creenan.
Both Graham and Sue have more than 20 years of experience of group facilitation working together leading and facilitating groups at Foundation Degree and Honours degree level in Person-Centred Counselling at East Sussex College.
They have also individually facilitated different sorts of therapeutic, supervision, and support groups in private practice over a period of time, and have together taught the Certificate in Group Facilitation for the past eight years.

The course will run over three weekends from November 2019 to Jan 2020
Weekend 1.
Saturday the 16th/Sunday the 17th of Nov 2019
Weekend 2.
Saturday the 7th /Sunday the 8th of Dec 2019
Weekend 3
Saturday the 11th/Sunday the 10th of Jan 2020

Deposit on booking: £95
An instalment option is available

Tel: 07979078204- text only
Email: southcoastwellbeingandtraining@gmail.com
Website: Southcoastwellbeingandtraining.com

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07444 216010


10 The Broadway, Hampden Park, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 0AS