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All therapists abide by the BACP’s ethical framework.

Su Orosa

Su Orosa

Counsellor, Supervisor, Transformational Coach, Trainer and Yoga Teacher

Co-Director of South Coast Wellbeing & Training 

website: suorosa.com

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My clinical practice as a Counsellor and Supervisor has evolved over the past ten years and I’m now increasingly drawn to working in an integrated way which includes the body and not only focuses on the mind. I believe strongly that particularly with Trauma, the work starts from the felt senses to include inner child work and trauma-informed movement and body work. Having more recently qualified as a (Scaravelli-influenced) Yoga teacher, I have studied and explored the qualities and principles of integrated movement and I am able to incorporate this into my counselling work which marries beautifully with the principles inherent to the person-centred way of being and working which form the cornerstones of all my work.

I love to work creatively and include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) where relevant. I’m also a life-Coach, a Reiki Master and trainer, and up until recently, a college lecturer teaching Person-Centred Counselling up to and including degree level at East Sussex College Group.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me enjoying Flamenco classes, swimming, cooking or walking our dog Ruby.

Graham Molyneux

Graham Molyneux

Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer

Co-Director of South Coast Wellbeing & Training 

website: grahammolyneux.com
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My practice as a therapist, supervisor, and trainer is grounded in the person-centred and experiential approach though my practice is continually evolving as I learn more about how we can become troubled and disturbed, and what helps us to heal and change.

I am influenced by ideas that relate the mind and body to each other as we grow and develop as individuals, and how we can become troubled and disturbed and of the impact of acute and chronic stress brought about by some form of trauma on who and how we are. Some of the ideas that have influenced me are from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt therapy, Focusing orientated therapy, and from Mindfulness theory and practice. Of late I have become influenced by neurobiological perspectives of how we may all to some degree be affected by trauma in our lives and how this can cause us to be troubled and disturbed in the sense of self we develop. I am excited by some of the ideas coming out of neurobiology that indicate that genuine understanding, acceptance, and compassion are what we most need to integrate mind and body. I have long held the belief that receiving these qualities and attitudes are fundamental to any healing or change we need for ourselves to lead the best kind of lives we can for ourselves, and in our relationships.

Until recently I was the Course Leader of the Foundation Degree and Honours Degree in Person-Centred Counselling at East Sussex College. My 15 years of teaching on these Degree courses and facilitating the development of so many creative and gifted counsellors brought me much fulfilment. I have now taken my passion for teaching into association with CPCAB to deliver a range of counselling courses for Sough Coast Wellbeing and Training from Level 2 through to Level 6. I will also be delivering a range of CPD workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists at South Coast Wellbeing and Training.

Lucy White

Lucy White

Counsellor, Supervisor, Trainer, Reiki Master

I have been a person-centred counsellor since 2015 and my approach is established around the relationship and trust that is built between my client and myself. I believe that it is important for the client to feel safe and that we create an equal partnership to navigate the journey together. I am also interested in the mind-body connection, which led me to become a Reiki Master. My passion for the person-centred approach led me to run the Eastbourne Person-centred Community group. 

My client work is strongly grounded in the Person-centred ethos with a particular focus on the field of bereavement. My private practice includes working with individuals and couples. Since gaining my accreditation I work with EAP companies and organisations to deliver short term therapy to their clients. I am committed to my continued professional development and as such have recently gained a PGCE as well as a Diploma in supervision.

Since 2017 I embarked on becoming a counselling tutor for different organisations, teaching counselling theory and skills across various levels. I really enjoy teaching and watching the students develop and learn; this, in turn, helps me to develop and learn more about myself.

Mark Potter

Mark Potter



tel: 07921 921907
email: counselling2serenity@yahoo.com

My name is Mark. I specialise in helping people overcome and gain recovery from addiction and have been doing so since 2009. I have tailored my style of therapy to enable my clients to not only gain as much insight into their own addiction, but also the tools to live a more fulfilling life free of addiction.

In addition, I have worked as a volunteer at a charity organisation where counselling was offered for carers. I have also worked at one of the largest NHS doctors’ surgeries in Eastbourne where I was the leading therapist for 3 years covering many areas of mental health. As my own private practice grew, I felt it was appropriate to concentrate more of my time in my specialist field of addiction, as well as general mental health difficulties to include bereavement, self-esteem issues and all forms of abuse. I also offer couples counselling should you be looking for help and support with your relationship.

Although my practice is formed primarily in the Person-Centred Approach, I also have training in other areas and in addition I am currently studying a degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and therefore adhere to their code of ethics. Being a member of the BACP, I follow the ethical framework for good practice which requires regular supervision as well as a minimum set hours per year for continued professional development.

It can be a struggle to even find the right counsellor, who not only are we comfortable with, but equally fully understands the difficulties we may be facing. As a good working relationship is of the highest importance to my therapy, I offer a half price introductory session to help you make a better informed decision as to whether I am the one that you feel comfortable enough to work with.

Steven Eserin

Steven Eserin

Gestalt Therapist


tel: 07724 186672
website: www.mhsc.uk
email: information@mhsc.uk

I have been a Gestalt therapist since 2002, previous to that I completed my first counselling qualification in 1996. My background is varied, working in mental health since 1993, including working within a therapeutic community, in schools, for local authority and in private practice as both therapist and trainer.

Gestalt Therapy is a here and now form of psychotherapy. Essentially that means I concentrate on what is happening in this moment and how we make contact with the world. This aims to encompass all of our relationships, interactions, our personal and social environment, encouraging healthy expression and choice. In Gestalt Therapy we look at the entire person, not just how we think and feel but also the impact of our physical reactions to thoughts and events.

1-1 Gestalt Psychotherapy and couples therapy

Primarily used for personal development, looking specifically at how we interact with others and the impact that interaction has on ourselves, learning how we co create our stress and anxiety; to cope with and recover from depression and other forms of distress. It also deals with some psychosomatic problems. I work with most mental health issues from addictive behaviours and trauma to bipolar, body image and weight, Borderline personality disorder, self-confidence, relational issues, dreams and nightmares.

Personal development group ​- My Personal development group is designed to let you explore every aspect of yourself within the supportive and safe confines of a facilitated group. There are aspects of therapy better suited to group work, for example there may be trust issues, self-judgement or feelings of guilt not apparent with your therapist in 1-1 which come to the fore when in a group.

Is Gestalt Therapy right for you?​

The first consultation is free, it is a chance for you to meet me, discuss what you need, make sure I am the right therapist for you and that you are comfortable to meet and work with me. Contact me for an informal discussion or to book your free consultation.

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