Personal Development Group Day

Time: 9.30am-4.30pm

1st March 2024

A completion certificate for 6 hours CPD will be provided at the end of the day.

Personal Development Group

Join us for a day of deep process where you will feel challenged and inspired by meeting yourself in relation to others in a safe and confidential space. This isn’t group therapy but can be therapeutic and offers the opportunity for personal growth where you can meet others authentically.

Psychotherapy is too good to be limited to people with mental health problems. Exploring how we relate, how we were co-created, how we interact and how we might improve ourselves can be of enormous benefit. Taking part in a PD group can help us to grow into confidence, to know more clearly what we want and need, to understand ourselves and the world around us, to find where we begin and end, to make clear choices and not be overwhelmed by choice. We will explore the ways in which we hold ourselves back and limit our horizons; in short, to live a full and meaningful life we must engage with it, and personal development is just one tool we can use to help us.

Our personal development group runs quarterly. It offers support for personal growth and development. It can be a powerful and rarefied time, in which great personal growth occurs and strong relationships develop.


Steve Eserin Therapist

Steven Eserin is a Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and author in the modalities of Gestalt and existential psychotherapy. A counsellor since 1994 and practising psychotherapist since 2000, Steven has worked with individuals and groups throughout his years as a therapist. With more than 20 years’ experience spanning thousands of client hours.

Su Orosa blue top short hair

Su Orosa is a counsellor, supervisor, wellbeing life coach, trainer/tutor and co-founder of South Coast Wellbeing and Training. Su has run personal development groups for over ten years believing that being witnessed and met in group is one of the most powerful tools there is for transformation. The person-centred approach forms the back bone of her work, focusing on process and working creatively to include somatic experience.

Course Price & Booking


£73.00 Workshop Fee


All bookings must be paid to secure your place.


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