Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy

An introduction

27th August 2022
(Saturday, 10am-5pm)

A completion certificate for 6 hours CPD will be provided at the end of the course. 

Introduction Day

Have you wondered what existential psychotherapy and counselling are? Interested in developing your understanding of existential concerns within the counselling framework?  This workshop provides a tantalising taste of the main themes of existential therapy. We will look at the interplay between freedom, choice and responsibility, life and death, isolation, meaning and existential guilt through discussion and experimental learning. 

Course Aims

To explore the basic concepts of existential counselling and psychotherapy. Experiential learning through experimentation will be used to reinforce learning of challenging concepts discussed. We will explore how to approach difficult issues raised in the therapeutic space related to personal responsibility, isolation, meaning and death. With a focus on common avoidance strategies, and how they may manifest within the therapeutic encounter. 

Areas Covered

  • A brief introduction to existential thought within the counselling framework.
  • Challenging concepts of what is. 
  • The interlinking of existential ideas as a framework for understanding avoidant and neurotic behaviours. 
  • How roles are employed by the psyche to avoid existential angst. 
  • Working with existential concerns such as responsibility, death, meaning, isolation and freedom. 

Within the broad framework of Existentialism, and the exploration of its boundaries in the therapeutic context we will focus our attention on how the personality reacts to conflicts with avoidance strategies and acceptance of fictional realities to negate existential angst. This angst remains and will present during counselling sessions in a variety of guises. Understanding the source of the angst will support you in remaining with your clients and not colluding in the avoidance. Expect this to be a challenging and thought provoking day from which personal and professional development will follow.


Steve Eserin Therapist

Steven Eserin is a Gestalt psychotherapist, trainer and author in the modalities of Gestalt and existential psychotherapy. A counsellor since 1994 and practising psychotherapist since 2000, Steven brings more than 20 years’ experience working in an existential framework to the training room. 

Course Price & Booking


£80.00 Workshop Fee

£70.00 Discounted Fee (Counselling Students)


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